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Hey, I’m Melissa!

Too many women business owners lack the clarity and support they need to grow successfully. Doing it all on your own can feel like running in quicksand. I’ve not only run but also scaled, several companies and know all too well how paralyzing it can feel. The women I work with are full of great ideas, but often have no clear strategy to implement them. 

Can you relate? Looking back at my story, I sure can. 

It’s frustrating to be a confident, capable, (and badass) leader who simply lacks the right tools and resources to grow. 

I focus on supporting women like you through the challenges of building a business they love. Let’s get you the laser-like focus that eliminates second-guessing and ultimately takes your company to new heights. 

Want my favorite tips to growing a successful business?

I created this free resource to empower you to make things happen and build a life you love through a business that’s thriving.

The Number One Secret To Small Business Success

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Passionately helping women like you win in business

Melissa Kirkpatrick Business Coach for Women

Women Leading Their Company Through Growth

Growing your business presents unique challenges and opportunities. You need to tackle them with confidence.

Melissa Kirkpatrick Business Coach for Women

Female Entrepreneurs Planning to Scale

Your future success is dependent on a sound strategy to ensure you reach your biggest goals.

Melissa Kirkpatrick Business Coach for Women

Ladies Ready to Overcome Their Business’ Biggest Challenges

Every entrepreneur encounters obstacles. Let's ensure you get traction to overcome them ease.

Tailored services to guide women leaders to transform and grow

Hour Activation Service

Hour Activation

Jumpstart your operation with a strategic plan mapped out for growing and scaling your business


Rapid Results 1:1 Coaching

Receive ongoing support to become a confident and profitable business owner


Build Your Empire Coaching Group

Harness the power of a mastermind of like-minded peers to scale with processes and procedures that move your business forward

Shooting from the hip while watching others succeed is frustrating.

Here's how I'll help you fix that.

Book a Call

We’ll chat and identify your challenges together

Get Customized Support to Reach Your Goals

We’ll work together to develop a strategy so you can kick overwhelm to the curb

Become a Confident and Profitable Business Owner

You’ll finally have a balanced life and thriving business!

Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to win in the marketplace

And, any business coach who tells you otherwise shouldn’t be trusted. That doesn’t mean success is out of reach though! With effort, the right strategy, and guidance from someone who’s been there, your business can absolutely thrive. 

In fact, time and time again, I’ve watched struggling entrepreneurs transform into leaders pulling in six figures. I have come to realize that there is no one size fits all approach to building a business (which feels overwhelming). That’s the goal behind everything I do. You have what it takes. I support and identify your biggest obstacles so we can create a plan to overcome them. 

The result? An empowered (dare I say, badass) woman equipped with the clarity you need to be a confident and profitable business owner. 

And if you doubt whether or not you’ve got what it takes, I totally get it. Let me reassure you. With the right guidance, you too can build the business and life of your dreams. 

Isn’t it time you invest in yourself?

Melissa Kirkpatrick Business Coach

Transform Amazing Ideas

into clear strategies you can execute

Kick Imposter Syndrome

to the curb

Work On Your Business

instead of in it

Feel Supported

and avoid the stress of building a business all on your own

I love a good story that goes from stuck to unstoppable

Melissa Kirkpatrick Business Coach

 Jenny Eisenschmidt

"My biggest challenge was knowing what I needed to do next and Melissa helped me navigate through that. I was feeling frustrated, but she offered great suggestions so that ensured I had a sense of what to do and HOW to do it."

  Amanda Rosazza           

"If you ever find yourself lost, stuck, overwhelmed, or just plain confused - you need this woman on Speed Dial. She is not only knowledgeable but has tons of real-life experience to back it up. Cannot recommend her enough.  Why are you still reading this? Reach out to Melissa already!"

Erin Christen

"Melissa supported not only my business but also my personal life.  One thing affects the other so it was great to work through ensuring I was strong and efficient in both. She kept me looking forward and opened my eyes to tasks I should be doing differently now. She also has a great network and was able to connect me with some local people that could help take some tasks off my hands."

Want the number one secret to growing your small business to be successful?

I created this free resource to empower you to make things happen and build a life you love through a business that’s thriving.

The Number One Secret To Small Business Success
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