You are Meant for so much MORE!

21 Day Mindfulness EMAIL COACHING

Do you lack drive, focus, and motivation and find unexpected circumstances always arise, or do you struggle to keep a positive mindset?

I found a way to stay connected with my desires and intentions through mindfulness.

As your guide, and at your convenience via email, the intention will be to assist you in unraveling all those underlying limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and frustrated in your life.

Some you already know, while others may be buried deep inside.

There is a small fee for this 21-day email series. You are worth it!

Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Keynote

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5 Steps to Your Own D.R.I.V.E.

is a self-help book written by Melissa, and includes video training to teach you how to create your life by design using her 5-step approach.


5 steps mockup

Transform Amazing Ideas

Kick Imposter Syndrome

Work ON Your Business

Experience Incredible Support

1:1 VIP Coaching

It’s Go Time! Are You Ready?

Today is the day I challenge you to stop doing what you’ve been doing and not getting where you want to go and say YES to 1:1 support.

My intention for you is to assist you in
transforming your inner voice and creating your future with passion and purpose.

If you are looking to take back those dreams,
desires, and aspirations you once believed were possible, I want to help you get there.

What I know for sure it starts by being shown how to unravel the inner chatter and chaos.

I know how to find your triggers and support
you in releasing them!

I’ve worked with hundreds and have been on the training ground in my own life
learning to overcome circumstances including all the struggles including but not minted to health, debt and finances, relationships, career path, and life's purpose of unhappiness, and NOW taking on each day with a brighter, confident attitude while being more fulfilled, prosperous, and joyful knowing you've found your drive!

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"If you are in a place of transition and looking for someone to help you tap into your inner strengths, Melissa Kirkpatrick is that person. I switched from 30 + years in hospitality and tourism to being newly self-employed selling real estate. Melissa really helped me tap into strengths I have to help me push through some of the initial hesitations. She challenged me, helped me center when needed, and begin my new adventure. I highly recommend Melissa!"  ~ Erin Hoebel,  Contrast Real Estate Inc.

"Melissa's program was able to light that fire under my butt while giving me the confidence and ability to acknowledge those "winks" from the universe in order to propel forward. Her fun-loving personality is contagious and she has a special way of making you look deeper into yourself. Highly recommend!"

~ Tina Anne

'You are Meant for More' Group MASTERMIND

Scale your business and life more successfully with a virtual MASTERMIND collaboration.

Growth doesn't have to be challenging, but it does take time, attention, focus, and accountability!

This group meets 2x week for four weeks through recorded Zoom.

The focus is on strategies, thought-out planning, mindset, and accountability.

Weekly Q&A where each member has the spotlight for 15-20 minutes, along with hot seat coaching.

Your success is my focus, so isn't it time you invest in YOU?

The 4-week program is only offered only offered 3 times per year -- January, June, December

Before joining the mastermind program, my biggest challenge was scaling my business, setting up the correct systems to grow, and most importantly, my and my husband's mindset getting in the way of moving forward. My challenges included the overwhelmed and out of control.

~ Tara

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