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So Many Paths To Success!

I've spent years building thriving businesses and perfecting a system that delivers laser-like focus, eliminates second-guessing, and takes your company to new heights while balancing your personal and family life.

Let me help YOU navigate the challenges of designing a life, lifestyle and business you love.

I've developed several various systems over the years that help women go from where they are to where they envision themselves.

Here you'll find various levels of support and different focus point offerings. Please BOOK A CALL with me if you have ANY questions about which may be the best fit for you.

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5 Steps to Your Own D.R.I.V.E.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Download your free copy of the self-help book written by Melissa AND her training videos that go along with the book.
Everything you need to know to help you start bringing those dreams and goals into your reality. Living a life by design versus autopilot gives you the edge when you discover how to Find Your Own D.R.I.V.E

90-Minute Activation Call

Activate your inspiration, motivation and purpose with this one on one, customized activation call! Experience flow and peace of mind while gaining clarity and confidence in your direction and the next steps to success.

Contact me to find out more or to schedule your call!

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Transform Amazing Ideas

Kick Imposter Syndrome

Work ON Your Business

Experience Incredible Support

21 Day Mindfulness Email Series

Do you feel a lack of drive, and finding unexpected circumstances always arise — or PERHAPS you simply just don't know what’s next?

I found a way to stay connected with my desires and intentions through a mindfulness approach. This is your first step to find the support you’ve been seeking and bring mindfulness and awareness into your life.

As your guide, and at your convenience via email, the intention will be assisting you in unraveling all those underlying beliefs that keep you stuck and frustrated in your life. Some you already are aware of, while others may be buried deep inside.

This can be anything from over eating, drinking, shopping, to bad relationships, career, and/or lost dreams.

Know that over the next 21 days you will be opening yourself up; much like a flower does – over time, and getting to know yourself better than you have every known yourself before, from the comfort of your inbox.

There is a small fee for this email series. Contact me to find out more!

Here's what the daily email for the next 21 days offers:

  • Get the support you need from within
  • Discover new ways of seeing, honoring, and understanding yourself
  • Learn to quite the chatter and hear your own voice
  • Reconnect to yourself with love and compassion
  • Be honest with who you are and discover new possibility
  • Give yourself permission over the next 21 days to be more body mindful
  • Practice conscious language learning how your words and thoughts will can change your life

21 Day Accountability Coaching

Are You Ready to develop a solid morning routine with motivation and laser focus?

Start your day with a morning boost! Set your daily intentions, celebrate wins, and get the support to not give up when the motivation runs out!

If you are serious about changing your habits and looking for a solid, proven practice that works, you are ready for this program.

The program is 21 consecutive days, including weekends, with a daily 15-minute check-in Zoom/Phone to keep you motivated, focused, and engaged in a practice that will allow you to see the evidence of what you can do to create a process to scale your success in life and in business.

Building a morning routine through setting intention, developing action steps to follow through on, and be held accountable daily is the most effective way to start your day and reach those goals!

Contact me right away if you have any questions and to get additional details.


"This is an absolute must!!! I'm almost finished with my second round of 21-day accountability and it's been life-changing!!" - Lizz

Exclusive 'Meant for More' Mastermind

Scale your business successfully with a virtual MASTERMIND collaboration. Growth doesn't have to be hard but it does take time, attention, focus, and accountability!

This group meets 2x per week for 6 weeks through recorded Zoom calls. The focus is on strategies and and thought-out planning, including a Q&A where each member has the spotlight for 15-20 minutes. This provides an opportunity
discuss what might be keeping you stuck or concerns you may be having.

Melissa provides additional high-level coaching throughout the six weeks both during the weekly calls and in a private Facebook Group created only for members.

What you can expect:

  • Accountability - keep track of your goals and progress.
  • Encouragement - celebrate your wins and accomplishments at each meeting.
  • Focus - stay on track with your stated goals and intentions.
  • Inspiration - work with others having similar goals.
  • Momentum -discover that internal drive to keep you motivated and moving forward.
  • Feedback - masterminds provide a space for expanding your ideas with like-mind business professionals

1:1 VIP Coaching

Too many women business owners lack the clarity and support they need to grow successfully. Doing it all on your own can feel like running in quicksand. I’ve not only run but also scaled, several companies and know all too well how paralyzing it can feel. The women I work with are full of great ideas, but often have no clear strategy to implement them.

Can you relate? Looking back at my story, I sure can.

It’s frustrating to be a confident, capable, (and badass) leader who simply lacks the right tools and resources to grow.

I focus on supporting women like you through the challenges of building a business they love. Let’s get you the laser-like focus that eliminates second-guessing and ultimately takes your company to new heights.


Get the number one secret to growing your small business to massive success.

I created this free resource to empower you to make things happen and build a life you love through a business that’s thriving.

The Number One Secret To Small Business Success